The author traveled the world for several years working as a technician and engineer for the US Foreign Service, defense contractors, and designed GSM cell phone systems for Vodafone and AT&T Wireless worldwide. During his working career the author  had visited over sixty countries, which have provided the material for “Foreign Service Messages.”

Mr. Matthews retired from the high tech world in 2007 and pleasantly absconded to a life in the tropics in Bangkok, Thailand while paying irregular visits to his native Southern California.

During his technical career he quietly began a second career of writing. Over a period of years Mr. Matthews attended several creative writing classes in his off time and found great enjoyment in writing “stories.” Although his writing was originally an outlet for stress relief, he found himself dedicated to writing stories, both fiction and non-fiction. Besides Foreign Service  Messages the author has written several eclectic novels, also based on his world travels.

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